Bond Sports Bar Wellington – Menu, Entertainment and Pokies Gaming Lounge

The Bond Sports Bar simply named after the street it’s on was previously called Lovelocks sports bar, named after New Zealand’s first Olympic gold medalist Jack Lovelock. Well the name of the bar has been changed to confuse everyone, however it continues to remain very much focused on providing for sports watching lovers.

With big TVs customers can watch the latest sporting events, drink and eat or play the pokies machines in the gaming area to very late.

This sports bar and pub is located at 12, Bond Street in the Te Aro area of Wellington. Chaffers Marina, the Playgroup, Jervois Quay are some of the landmarks in the area. Victoria street, Willis street, Dixon street are some of the roads in the area.

About The Bond Sports Bar

Customers can watch most of the popular sporting events in the company of other sports lovers at the bar on the big screens. UFC, rugby like Super rugby, NRL, State of Origin, football, basketball, cricket matches are often screened using the Sky Arena channel feeds.

Special events are held for important matches like UFC matches with prizes like bar tabs available. Customers can place their bets on the cricket, horse and greyhound races, UFC, NRL, rugby matches using the TAB terminal.

The bar has a gaming area, where the latest gaming machines are installed for some gaming excitement. An effort has been made to create a Las Vegas type casino atmosphere. The bar also has pool tables for those who wish to enjoy a game of pool with their mates.

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The black and white Matador dartboards are installed in the bar for dart chucking lovers. Customers can also play a game of bingo. Quizzes are held regularly from 6.30 pm onward, and the winner will get a $100 Bond voucher, free pizza and Panhead merchandise like caps.

A handle club draw is also held every Wednesday and sometimes the handles of beer are available for $6 . The winner of the draw will get a $50 Bond voucher. For special UFC matches, those who like the post on Instagram and watch the match at the bar, could win a Bond voucher and also some Panhead gear like black t-shirts and caps of several great freebies.

Menu and Eats of Mention

Pizzas from Hell Pizza are the main eats available for customers. The pizzas are made using a special recipe with a tomato base, mozzarella cheese, herbs, spices and used fresh ingredients. Double pizzas of size twelve inches are suitable for two people, while snack pizzas are of size 7.5 inches and sufficient for one person.

The pizza with a thin stretched base has a size of fifteen inches, and is for two, while the snack pizza is available in a size of nine inches. Various toppings like champagne ham, pepperoni, salami, mushroom, capsicum are offered. Gluten free and dairy free pizzas are also available.

The Drinks on Offer

The tap beers available are Macs Cider cloudy apple, Macs Gold alt malt lager, Speight’s gold medal ale, Speight’s mid ale, Waikato draught, Lion brown. Other drinks which are available are Budweiser, Guinness, Corona Extra, Blue duck vodka, Panhead supercharger among many fine drinks.

Pokies Machine & TAB Gaming @ The Bond Sports Bar Wellington

The Bond Sports Bar Wellington has a slot machine gaming area with 18 of the best pokies games and a TAB area for some betting wagers. This is a pokies machine gaming lounge to check-out if you are in Te Aro, Wellington area of New Zealand.

**A must visit venue in Te Aro, Wellington to play the pokies, eat pizza, have a TAB bet, a beer and watch live sports**

Summary Points Bond Sports Bar

The bar has an outdoor area which is popular among customers. It also has a sheltered balcony to enjoy that fresh Wellington air. The dress code is casual so just wear tidy clothes. It is open till 4 am in the morning so it’s your place to party in Wellington to the small hours.

The bar is extremely popular among the sports lovers in the area, and is one of the few bars in the area which screens most popular sports matches regularly.

Opening Hours 

7 days – early to very late (4am most days)


T: 4-473 1311

Map and Address

The Bond Sports Bar
12 Bond St, Te Aro, Wellington 6011, New Zealand

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