To say that the developers of Lost Vegas online slot is taking slot games to the next could prove to be understatement. For one, this is probably one of the few online slots to incorporate the option to choose between two modes of base play. This is because in this slot that centers on a Las Vegas that has been overrun by a zombie apocalypse, you have to decide either to side with Survivors or Zombies. This pokies game reminds me a little of the Walking Dead AMC slot machine from Aristocrat. Anyways left with this vital choice, would you fight for the glory or undead debauchery of long Lost Vegas? well of course you would!

Lost Vegas Free Pokies Guide

Lost Vegas incorporates 3 rows of 5 reels, minus conventional paylines. Instead, players rely on its inherent 243 ways to win. Clicking on the Bet Parameter brings up options to set Coin Size and Coin Level, as well as an option to max your bet. These values determine the one reflected on Bet, which is practically your current total bet prior to spinning. Adjacent symbol formations are counted from left to right, and only highest winning combinations are considered in every winning combination. You can switch sides any time.


Of course, since it has two modes, this slot game also has unique symbols for both Survivors and Zombies alike. Nonetheless, both modes contain 5 standard symbols, namely: 10, J, Q, K, and A. Each of these symbols vary for one another, and reward credits s with winning of a kind combinations. 10 offers the least rewards, while A is highest with a cap of 4.8 credits with a perfect formation.

  • Survivor Symbols – When playing as Survivors, symbols you should watch out for are Man with Golf Club, Girl with Baseball Bat, Man with Handgun, Woman with Molotov, and Survivor Leader. They are this game’s high-tier symbol and offer hefty rewards, as can be easily perused from this slot’s paytable. Survivor Leader gives the highest credit rewards that can reach as high as 20.
  • Zombie Symbols – Credit rewards-wise, these symbols are no different from their Survivor counterparts. Nonetheless, they do have their own unique appearances, and arranged in ascending order they are: Zombie Couple, Zombie Diva, Zombie Nurse, Zombie Tourist, and Zombie Elvis.
  • Hazard signs serve as this online slot game’s scatter symbols, which trigger the exclusive Free Spins features of Survivors and Zombies. Players may win 3 or more free spins with of a kind scatter wins, depending on amount; you are rewarded with large sums of credits as well.
  • Wild symbols come in the form of a generic title of this slot game. They substitute for all symbols except scatters, and they offer coin rewards too.

Special Slot Features

  • Most of this slot’s special features occur in its base game. But before we come to that, let’s discuss its two types of Free Spins first. For Survivors, a Free Spin bonus round involves common symbols (10 to A) being removed and instantly converted into cash to your total money pool; it’s still possible to make winning combinations even after these symbols have been stashed. Extra spins will occur again and again until all these symbols have been added. This money pool would then be added to as your total winnings for these bonus rounds.
  • For Zombies, it involves Zombie symbols becoming stacked, which simulates infection. Any reel you infect become stacked wild symbols, raising your chances of wild wins drastically. Free Spins continue until all reels have become infected. You can get up to 50 free spins, and getting to that limit awards you with a whopping credit reward.
  • A Blackout Bonus is also one special feature to watch out for since they occur in base games. This occurs when you land a single scatter symbol, and it involves high-tier symbols awarding instant credits. The last is Zombie Fist of Cash, which gives you a random credit reward as well.

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