One of the most outstanding geographical sights found in Australia are its red sands, particularly in its Simpson Desert. It’s also home to most of the country’s unique fauna, making it a very popular tourist attraction.

In this Red Sands slot game all of these standout features come to the forefront and if you’re a proud resident of these parts or are simply awed and interested in what the Land Down Under has to offer as a whole, then this is the slot for you. This is a great free pokies alternative to the popular Aristocrat Big Red poker machine otherwise known as a “pokies” game.

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Game Rules Quick Start Red Sands

Red Sands has the classic grid of 3 rows of 5 reels, and it lets you bet on a maximum of 20 paylines. Know that it’s also possible for you to choose what number of paylines you want to play, besides setting your bet per line. These two determine your total bet, which hovers on the top-most central part of this slot’s interface. Combinations pay from left to right, with the exception of Moonscape scatter symbols which are counted in a left-to-right and right-to-left way. Separate wins that occur on different paylines are added together, as only the highest winning combinations are counted per line.

Pokie Pay Symbols of Note

  • Red Sands elects to be conventional when it comes to its common low-value symbols. The usual card symbols have been incorporated, and they are six in total: 9 and 10 (which both share of-a-kind rewards going as high as 100), J and Q are equally similar (with as much as 125 credits as the reward for 5 of a kind combinations), and lastly, K and A, which are pretty much the top symbols of this tier of symbols as evidenced by their larger 5 of a kind reward of 200 credits.
  • Many of Australia’s exclusive fauna have been incorporated as high-value symbols in this slot. They are Echidna, Wombat, and Koala Bear. Echidna offers the least, reaching as much as 500 credits, while Wombat multiplies this by 2, giving players up to 1,000 credits. Koala Bear, the penultimate Australian animal, takes the highest spot of these high-value symbols because of its apparent high maximum reward of 1,500 credits. These symbols all have a unique aspect of having their own 2 of a kind rewards as well.
  • Moonscape symbols are tagged as this slot’s scatter symbols, which trigger not the usual Free Spins bonus round but this slot’s Respin Feature. You can learn more about this feature on the Special Features section of this review. Scatter wins have their own of-a-kind rewards, but they’re not that notable if compared to their ability to trigger Respins.
  • It’s only right for Kangaroos to represent this slot’s most valuable symbol, the Wild symbol. It is able to do a myriad of things, the most basic of which is to serve as a substitute for all other symbols, minus Moonscape scatters. Of-a-kind combinations of Kangaroo symbols merits you with as high as 5,000 credits.

Special Bonus Features to Mention

  • Kangaroo Wild Special Features – Besides being surpassingly generous (you gain of-a-kind rewards just by landing at least one Kangaroo symbol on a played payline, after all), know that this wild symbol also adds a x2 multiplier to every winning combination you earn that involves one or more of this symbol.
  • Moonscape Repsin Feature – Respins promptly occur if players were able to land 2 or more scatter symbols on played paylines. Any Moonscape that you land which triggered this feature are immediately held on their position. Once they do, the other symbols would respin 10 times, and only scatter rewards are given.
  • Take note that the basic rule of Wilds not substituting for scatters is broken during these bonus rounds, and Kangaroos also give twice the normal scatter prize if they form part of a winning formation. Landing 5 or more Moonscape prior to triggering Respins causes all reels to respin to triggering position, with the scatter prize repeating up to 10 times.
  • Progressive Jackpot – While not really a special feature, know that players may win this slot’s random progressive jackpot (an element not found in all slot games) anytime; it is located directly above the slots.

Last Thoughts The Red Sands free poker machine captures the Aussie outback in great detail, it is just as good as the Big Red pokies machine by Aristocrat and has a very similar feel in style. Big-red-free-pokies-alternative-red-sands