How to Win Grand Jackpot on Aristocrat Lightning Link Pokies

Many players often ponder is there a strategy, a trick or hack to win the Grand Jackpot on the Aristocrat Lightning Link pokies machines like, the High Stakes, Magic Pearl, Wild Chuco, Moon Race, Raging Bull or Happy Lantern games of just a few to mention that are popular on the casino floor.

If you are a regular pokies player you will have already probably won the smaller jackpots a few times like the mini or minor or you may have even won the major prize. That dam Grand jackpot is just a bit hard to hit that’s for sure. To be honest I have never won the big one ever but I have seen a few lucky punters score it though.

Tips to Winning Lightning Link Grand Jackpot

  • Could it be the best strategy is to wager the lowest amount per spin?
  • Could it be the trick is to pick a machine that HAS been popular with players that day?
  • Could it be the hack is to pick a machine that has NOT been popular with players that day?
  • Could it be the trick is to only play when the casino floor is busy?

My dad says the best way to win the big prize is just play the Tiki Fire or the Dragons Riches games (his favourites), not sure if he is on the money but Dads are always right 🙂

In this awesome video guide SDGuy 1234 shows us a few ways and strategies to get the best chance of winning huge on the Aristocrat Lightning Link slot machines, possibly getting the Grand Jackpot prize also.

Summary Notes on Winning

The secret to winning is obviously in the Hold and Spin bonus in the way it works or is it just an illusion of sorts, so take look at the video and hopefully you will be on your way to getting that elusive Lightning Link Grand Jackpot pay-out.

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