Must Play Free or Real Money Pokies for iPhone, iPad or Android

We all know that the best pokies to play are from Aristocrat, IGT, Ainsworth and Konami. These are the brand names that are common among online and land casino pokies players.

The problem is that these companies often have many countries blocked from playing their games online for real money but luckily several free mobile pokies are available.

Many other companies that many players have not heard of offer real money pokies online at select casinos. Below we review five awesome games to play on your mobile like an iPad, Android or iPhone for real casino cash.


Lucky Lucky is a release of Habanero systems that was released on 30th May 2019. It is a video pokie with a single pay line and 3 x 1 reels. It is fast simple and straightforward game.

It is designed in an Asian style who’s classical three-reel setup makes it more interesting. This game is developed as a JS and HTML5 technology. It has a return to player (RTP) rate of 98.02% and medium variance. It is accessible through devices such as mobile, desktops and tablets.

It is enjoyable and also rewarding through fantasy coins that range from 0.2 up to 100. Some players prefer simplicity in gameplay; this game exactly offers that without complications.

Some of the game themes are Fortune, Oriental, Asian, Prosperity Tree, China, Mountains, Sakura, and Yuan Bao.


Lucky Lucky has two main symbols namely random multipliers and the wild symbols. The minimum wage for the game is $/€/£0.2 and maximum wages of £/€/$10000 per spin. Any amount of wage gives a possible maximum win per single spin. Each game offers a similar amount and opportunity of winning.


This game has several features such as Random Multiplier and Wild. It is possible to use two wild and one regular for the formation of a combination with substitutes included.

The random multipliers come in the form of wild and either in 2X or 3X. Two wilds can boost your win up to 9X since they multiply themselves.

This game is specially designed in four colors blue, brown, gold-color, and red. The bonuses are won on a regular spinning of a progressive jackpot.

The total winnings are added to the jackpot amount at the end of the playtime. Just like most Habanero systems games, Lucky Lucky is accessible on tablets, mobile phones, and desktop.


Pokies games may not be easy for some players to score a win. Nonetheless, considering the features of Lucky Lucky, you may contemplate giving the game a try. The game provides high chances of winning and satisfies to the fullest. Apart from fun playing, Lucky Lucky can also be a means of earning a few bucks while having fun.


Nuwa is a release of Habanero systems launched on 30th July 2019. It is a pokie with 28 betways pay lines and 5 x 3 reels. This game is developed as a JS and HTML5 technology with a return to a player of 98%.

It has high volatility level so great for the win big or go home broke punters. It is designed from a Chinese celestial world. The game is themed after the Chinese mother goddess known to bless a lot.

The features of this game make it more enjoyable and more rejuvenating. The game can be accessed via different gadgets due to its flexibility. Such gadgets are desktops, mobile phones, and tablets. The game can be played both for money and fun.

Game themes are Asian, Asian Gods, Flowers, Lotus, Snakes, and Ornamental Symbols.


Nuwa has two main game symbols in scatter symbols and expanding symbols.

You can earn a minimum wage of £/€/$0.28 and a maximum of £/€/$1400 per spin on all lines or ways played.

Whatever the amount you wage, you have a possible maximum win at one currency unit per single spin. All games offer equal opportunities for winning the same amount wagered.


This pokie has several features such as expanding symbol, Free Spins, Jackpot, scatter symbol, and wild. To increase your chances of winning, you have to spin at max paylines. You have a higher chance of winning in either of mini, minor, and major with this method.

To win eight free games, you will be required to collect three snakes gem symbols. Collecting five elements in the free game round activates the bonus feature. The activated bonus feature guarantees 2X expanding wild symbols per every spin.

An accumulation of 3 more scatters symbols triggers 8 free games. The game might expand twice every spin tripling all prizes during the bonus feature. This bonus feature is triggered by collecting 5 elemental symbols. Free game playtime leads to the collection of wind, water, fire, earth, and thunder symbols.


Most slot games may not seem so easy to most players. However, given the features, many might consider giving the game a try. The game offers a high opportunity of winning while fully satisfying the player and also earning them some money when they get some luck.

Apart from playing for fun, Nuwa when played for money can earn the player a considerable amount of moolah. In the fun stage, you can learn the essentials of the game before venturing into the game with real money.


This is one of many great pokies releases by Habanero Systems. Panda Panda was released on 12th July 2017 and it is one of the most adorable games Habanero Systems have ever introduced. They mainly focus on the Chinese Panda lifestyle, habitats, and behaviors.

The Panda is an adorable animal held in high esteem in China, it is accepted by many players as a game. The uniqueness of the Panda Panda games makes it more exciting than most Asian games that we have played.

It has a layout of 5 x 3 game reels and 243 betways. The reels are made transparent and have a waterfall in the background. The HTML5 game has a relatively low variance and a return to player rate of 98%. This pokies game can be accessed on Mobile phones, tablets, and desktop. The game can be played for real money and fun from select online casinos here.

These game themes are; Gold, Animal, Wood, Flowers, Panda, Trees and Lightness.


Panda Panda has three major symbols namely; feature: Substitution Symbol, Scatter Symbol, and the Bonus symbol.

On this game, the minimum amount you can wager per spin is £/€/$0.3 and a maximum of £/€/$6000 on all lines played. Double Panda game allows you to win standard double wins and bonuses.


This online pokies game has six different features namely; Free Spins, Multiplier, Gamble, Jackpot, Wild, and Risk/Gamble (Double) game which we don’t suggest you play.

The pokie offers double bonuses that are triggered on every winning pay line. Further, this game has amazing designs flanked with brown, blue, and pink colors. There is a possibility of a good win when you strike three Yin Yang symbols on the reels.


Slot games may be exciting at times especially if played for fun or real money. This is where you get to have a good time and earn crazily. The Double Panda game is among the many Habanero products that have a great design, colors, and thousands of games to boot.

The game focuses on wild habitat, nature, and behaviors. Having a wider layout, high return to player rate and soothing background music is a plus.


This is a Habanero systems game released on 12th October 2015, Shaolin Fortunes 100 depicts the scenery of an ancient Chinese temple. It offers you, as a player, the opportunity to become a Shaolin master through the mastering of your strength.

Moreover, it transports you to a Shaolin monastery setting while playing. The game comes with 5 reels, 4 rows as its layout, and 100 pay lines that are both ways giving a return to player rate of 96.3%.

The flexibility of play is enhanced by beautiful layout and design that allows players to access it over their tablets, mobile phones, and desktops.


Some outstanding features of this game are Gamble, Scatter symbols, Wild, Free Spins Multiplier, bonus symbols, jackpot, multiplier, and a risk game.

There is a possibility of winning a maximum of 100,000 on a single currency unit per spin on bet level one on all lines or ways played. This win is possible by wagering a minimum of £/€/$0.01 and a maximum amount of £/€/$5000 per spin. The 100 pay lines give myriad of winning probabilities with every single spin.


The game is uniquely available in brown and orange colors. Similarly, the jackpot is triggered by lining up 3 monks.

Bonuses come in the form of a wild card, free games, and a scatter symbol; where 3 scatter symbols grants free spins thereby magnifying your gaming experience. Whenever the scatter symbol is landed in the middle reels of 2, 3 or 4, the free spins are unlocked.


Watching Shaolin movies is one fun way to waste some time and partaking in it through a slot game is another cool thing to do. Shaolin Fortunes 100 grants you this rare experience by either way of playing for fun or real money gaming. Take a journey through the Shaolin monastery by playing this game to get to experience Chinese temple vibes.


Lucky Dragon is a 3-reel sot from iSoftbet with three rows. Published in 2015, the slot machine offers 5 bet ways.

Despite the high variance, the slot’s RTP is 96.29%, and it does offer a two-way pay line. Because it only has three reels. The game is an oriental-themed slot game, and it offers a progressive jackpot that any player can win.


The online slot machine has several high-value symbols. There are no low-value symbols in the game.

Here are some special symbols watch out for:

  • Lucky Dragon
  • Jackpot

Both of these have either special prizes or they trigger special features in the game.


Here is the paytable for the high-value symbols.

  • Dragon – 1,000x
  • Lantern – 400x
  • Gold Nugget – 300x
  • Ring – 200x
  • Triple Coin – 100x
  • Double Coin – 50x
  • Single Coin – 25x

The game also pays 15x if you landed any coin combination. All pays are multiplied to your coin size.

Also, you have to take note that the slot machine takes five coins per line. What this means is that you are going to bet 25 coins for every round. If you set the value of your coin at €0.01, then your total bet for one spin is €0.25.

You can set your coin between €0.01 and €1. The pay table does not change even if you increase or decrease you bet. All pays are multiplied against your coin size, but not on your bet per line.

At a coin size of €1, you are going to wager €25 for a round.

If you hit three symbols of any coin on a pay line, you would win €15 (15 X €1 = €15.


The game offers players more ways to win than simply forming winning combos on a pay line. Here are the game features:

  • Lucky Dragon – this is the wild that substitutes for all symbols to make a winning line. The Lucky Dragon looks different from the ordinary one, as this is a symbol that has a body and feet. The Lucky Dragon is a stacked symbol, and will double your win if it is used as a substitute.

The Lucky Dragon cannot substitute for the jackpot symbol. It will also not double your win if he combo you made is that of three Lucky Dragons.

  • Jackpot Symbol – this is a green lotus that has the word “jackpot” on it. You must land three symbols of it to win the progressive jackpot. The amount of the jackpot prize varies from one casino to another.

The progressive jackpot means it is constantly increasing for as long as nobody has won it yet, the more players there are, the easier the prizes is going to grow.


Lucky Dragon is a straightforward slot machine that sits on a 3×3 grid. It provides you only one way to augment your winning odds, and this is made possible with the wild symbol.

Overall, this game is a simple one, and we would give it a rating of 8 out of 10. The slot has no scatter, but it does have a multiplier bonus if a wild is used for a winning combo.

Also, what makes it a great choice is that you have the chance to win the progressive jackpot regardless of your bet size.

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