Prosperity Dragon Free Ainsworth Poker Machine Emulator

Dragons are known for many things, but in Chinese beliefs, they are creatures that are widely regarded as bringers of fortune and prosperity. The Prosperity Dragon web pokie from Ainsworth hinges on this long-time notion, as is readily apparent from its symbols that depict many of familiar lucky objects and relics that also stem from their high regard for this mythical beast. If you want a poker machine that takes the liberty in attracting luck to its players, you need not look further than Prosperity Dragon pokes right below.

Prosperity Dragon Pokies Guide

5 reels and 3 rows are what composes the general reel interface of this slot. This is a standard in most slot games, but this game’s numerous 100 paylines is surely a departure from what would deem to be normal. Players may set how many paylines they wish to play (from 1 to 100) easily using a built-in bet slider; this includes an option to set your bet per line as well. Wins are highlighted by lit lines and are counted in a left-to-right fashion, beginning with the reel located on the far left side. Only winning combinations with highest value are counted, with an exception to separate wins that happen concurrently on different paylines; in that case, your winnings are promptly added together.

Getting Started

  • Based on a max bet setup of 0.75 credits per line on 100 paylines, the following are this game’s myriad of symbols plus their relative values during base games. Take note that their values change, based on what game you’re playing (base, feature, or choice feature). This difference can be easily observed from this game’s paytable.Low-Value Symbols – Card symbols make up the entirety of low-value symbols found in this slot. They are 6, namely: 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A. Their 5 of a kind rewards are practically the same, all reaching up to 75 credits. They only slightly differ with their 4 of a kind formation rewards, and it is there where you can easily see their hierarchy.
  • High-Value Symbols – As mentioned above, most of this slot’s unique symbols are fortune relics that abound in ancient Chinese beliefs. These symbols pay more than card symbols, and they include Triple 8, Gold Peach, Jade, Yin and Yang, and Gold Tael. Their ranking according to rewards can easily be observed in this game’s paytable, with Lucky 8 offering the least (goes for as high as 90 credits with a perfect combination) and Golden Tael giving a lot (get 5 of a kind of this and you’re assured of a hefty payout of 225 coins).
  • Wild Symbol – Dragon symbols are this slot’s wild, which is termed as such because it can take the place of any applicable symbol (which is basically all of the ones said above) to assist in getting wins. Keep in mind that they only make an appearance on reels 3 to 5 only. When any feature games start, a number of extra wild symbols would be added as well, namely Gold Star and Silver Star.
  • Scatter Symbol – Pattern is this game’s scatter symbol, which triggers a generic Free Games feature that serves as your gateway to this slot’s more unique Super Choice special feature.


Special Features

  • Free Games – Once you get 3 or more of Pattern symbols in a spin, this bonus starts, giving you up to 10 extra games. This mode alters the game a bit, with Dragons now appearing on reels 2, 3 and 4. Paytable values undergo a noticeable change as well. Silver Stars and Gold Stars appear as well on these reels, but the latter has a specific condition for appearing (which is if you win a Super Choice feature). You can trigger this by getting 3 Silver Stars on these bonus rounds. Once Super Choice is triggered, Gold Stars will start appearing, giving you a chance to win improve your bonus to Ultimate Choice, if you’re lucky enough to get 3 more Gold Stars.
  • Super Choice – This portion of this slot’s bonus round allows you to pick certain kinds of bonus. Take note that these rounds, depending on your choice, feature Gold Stars replacing many of this slot’s high-value symbols. Your choices, summed up, would either be to get more free games but less wild replacements, a balance between the two, or more replacements by less free spins. Regardless of your choice, all your wins in these bonus spins is multiplied by two.
  • Ultimate Choice – Ultimate Choice is no different from Super Choice when it comes to what symbols would be replaced, their positions on the reels, etc. The free games that you get are noticeably a little bit lesser, though. What makes it more profitable is the variation in multipliers. As opting for lesser free games actually increases your multipliers from 3 to 4 and to 5, respectively.

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