Lets Talk About Responsible Gambling

We have some tips to staying on the responsible gambling path plus a self-test to see if you have any indications that you have a problem.

Part A – How to gamble responsibly at all times:

  • Think of punting as a type of entertainment and not a provider of a regular income.
  • Only bet what you can afford to donate to the casino, racetrack, pokies club, lotto, TAB,  sportsbook or other.
  • Set a deposit and wagering limit to help manage the amount of money you wager if the betting platform has this tool.
  • Never try and recover or win back your losses you have had.
  • Take regular timeouts from gambling. Record and limit the amount of time you spend gambling. Use the reality time check tools if the betting platform has this tool.
  • Gambling should not be your main form of entertainment; if it is you consider whether this type of behavior is leading to a path of addiction.

  • Do not bet when under the influence of alcohol, drugs or when you are unhappy.
  • Understand your “real chances” of winning could be very low.
  • Never feel ashamed to talk to someone about the negatives of gambling.
  • Don’t be swayed or influenced by all the fancy advertisements, marketing BS or casino promotions.
  • Don’t believe that the casino bonus deals or free bets are actually worth something.
  • Understand that any bonus or “FREE” offer comes with a plethora amount of terms and conditions that you must complete to turn the bonus into real money.
  • When / if you do get a winner walk away with the money for the day.
  • Don’t place gambling as being more important than your work, your family, your friends, your pets, your life and your health.

Part B – Take the self-test below for gambling problems:

  • Do you feel guilt or ashamed about the funds or time you spend betting?
  • Does your gambling affect your ability to pay bills or pay for regular expenses?
  • Do you need to wager larger amounts of funds to get more pleasure from gambling?
  • Do you find it hard to stop wagering after you lose?
  • Does your betting create any money issues for yourself or your family?
  • Does your gambling impact badly on your relationships, your work or education?
  • Does your betting cause you any health issues, depression, stress or other problems?
  • Do you feel bored or restless if you are not betting?
  • Does your gambling cause you to make excuses or apologies?
  • Do your friends or family say that you have a gambling problem?
  • Do you think that you might have a betting problem?

If you answered yes to just one of these questions you need to seek help as you may have or be on the way to having major problems due to gambling.


If you bet with your head, understand the risks and stay focused at all times on these tips you might just have a few wins and some fun all while gambling responsibly.

When the FUN Stops Playing