Six Awesome Asian & Oriental Themed Free or Real Play Pokies Games

On this page we preview 6 great Oriental pokies machines to play online for real money or just some free time wasting  excitement. We have picked these as you probably have never seen them before, yes they are not as good as the games from IGT, Aristocrat and Ainsworth but they are still really good Asian vibed poker machines

These can be enjoyed on any device be it a PC, iPad, Android or iPhone and best thing is that many of these Asian themed pokies below can be played on our site here.


5 Lucky Lions is among the many great releases of Habanero systems. This is an online pokies game that was released on 26th February 2019. It has 88 pay lines and a 6×4 reels format. It can be played on devices such as Desktop, mobile phone, and tablets with a great free casino bonus.

This game has adopted great Chinese folklore focusing on their legendary vibes with a cool touch of relaxing audio in the background.

The pokies machine is associated with different tags such as Chinese New Year, China, Drum, and Lanterns


The 5 Lucky Lions online game has two main symbols namely Scatter Symbol and Mystery Symbol.

The minimum and maximum amount of money you can wager per spin are £/€/$0.88 and £/€/$4400 respectively.

Whatever amount you wager the possible maximum win is 440000 as the 6 reels give more opportunities to a win. Further, the 5 Lucky Lions has a low variance and a high prize wage which incredibly increases the prize leading to a progressive jackpot.


The 5 Lucky Lions comes with five features namely Random and Additional Wilds. The game has quite impressive bonuses of up to 100 times the wagered amount.

Besides, the player is at liberty to pick as many spins as he wants with colors such as Blue, Red, Pink, Green Dragon, or Yellow. These picks will award you a 12, 8, 10, 18 or 15 free spins independently.


Playing 5 Lucky Lions is interesting considering it has numerous games. It is well-designed with high bonus rates to choose from. However, the pokie has medium variance but with a possibility of high winning at times.

The game may be more productive especially if it is played for real money and jackpots. The several reels offer multiple opportunities for playing the game with an even greater chance of making money from bonuses.


12 Zodiacs is from of Habanero systems launched on 9th May 2016 and you can play this Asian pokies game online at select casinos here. This game is a progressive pokies machine with 18 pay lines and 5 x 3 reels. The pay lines are both ways; left to right and right to left. The configuration of pay lines in both directions compensates for the low prices.

The game is an inspiration from Chinese horoscope signs depicting 12 animals that make up the Chinese calendar under Zodiac Astrology. It is developed as an HTML5 technology with a return to player (RTP) rate of 96.1%. With a volatility index of 90% confidence interval, this game’s variance is relatively low.

The game can be accessed in different devices namely tablets, desktop, and mobile phones. 12 Zodiac can be played both for fun and money.

Several tags are associated to this game like Zodiac, Space, Oriental, Asian, Cock, Animals, Moon, China, Snakes, Stones, Chinese New Year, Rabbit, Tigers, and Snakes.


12 Zodiacs have two main game symbols in scatter symbols and substitution symbols

You can wage a minimum of £/€/$0.01 and a maximum of £/€/$900 per spin on all lines or ways played. Whatever the amount you wage, you have a possible maximum win at one currency unit per single spin. Every game offers the same opportunity of winning the same amount wagered.


This game has several features such as Multiplier, Free Spins, Jackpot, Risk/Gamble (Double) game, and Gamble. The three jackpot categories to be triggered will be mini, minor, or major.

A unique feature of this game is that it is specially designed in two colors of blue and gray. Besides, the bonuses are won on a regular spinning of a progressive jackpot. The total winnings are added to the jackpot amount at the end of the bonus feature.


Pokies may not be a cup of tea for every casino player. However, looking at the features presented above, you may need to consider playing. The opportunity to win is high and the ability to get fulfilled is fully present.

Fun play aside, 12 Zodiacs if played for money grants a great opportunity to enjoy while multiplying your earnings. The fun play can be used as a training ground to grasping the concept of the game before plunging into the deep end of real money gaming.


This game is powered by Habanero systems to mark a Chinese New Year lively celebration by learning their culture. The game was first rolled out on 26th February 2016. This game’s reel is made up of a well-designed ornamental frame colored red and golden dragons muffled around it. Many of our reviewed online pokies casinos offer this game.

This game takes you through the Forbidden City through its colorful gold and red themes. The game has amazing prizes, bonus features, 28 pay lines, 5 reels, and 3 rows. It has a high variance, a return to player rate of 98% and can be accessed through JS and HTML5 technologies.

Besides, it has a progressive jackpot and a high payout of up to €/£/$1000. Ease of accessibility is ensured through desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

It has some accompanying themes making the game enjoyable such as Koi Fish, Book, Asian Gods, Oriental Fortune, Buddha Statue, Ring, Coins, Asians, Coins, and China.


Fa Cai Shen has game symbols such as a gold lamp, golden fish, book, tree, green ring, and medallion.

The minimum amount of coins you can set per spin is £/€/$0.01 while the maximum you can set is £/€/$1400.  You can only set the bet limit between 1 and 10 and pay lines between 1 and 28. The progressive jackpot is normally won at the end of any game where the feature determines the trigger in a random way leading to big wins.


Fa Cai Shen has several varieties of features that mainly drive traffic of winning. For the new players, the wild symbol will be crowned to appear at an interval of 1, 3 and 5 reels. The good thing is that the wild symbol easily substitutes itself with the rest of the symbols.

For you to win crazy bonuses, you have to make sure that the prizes triple when any of the reels appear once. Alternatively, the reels have to appear several times to automatically bring you to a winning draw.

The 12 free games opportunities are triggered after golden lamp Scatters appear three or more times to be declared a winner.  For a progressive jackpot, the chance is occasionally triggered at the game finals.


The Fa Cai Shen has the best Chinese design that brings forth patriotism and unity among the Chinese. You can never ignore its wonderful attribute of huge bonuses and progressive jackpots. To learn the Chinese way of celebrating the New Year, you can get a bit of the experience by playing this game.


Another great game from Habanero Systems; the game was first introduced on 15th November 2016. The game was inspired by famous birds that Asians believe bring good luck and high virtue around China and other countries in the region.

The birds are mythological and resemble phoenix believed to reign over all other bird species. The two birds are Yin and Yang that merge into a robust wining force with the dragon.

The game has a low variance, 28 betways, a return to player rate of 98.21% and 5 x 3 reels format. This HTML5 technology game can be accessed via desktops, mobile phones, and tablets. It is a game that works best for beginners and people who don’t like wagering a lot of money.


The minimum coins you can wage is £/€/$0.2 and a maximum of £/€/$1000 coins per spin. The game has a higher progressive jackpot which can only be achieved after consecutively aligning 5 symbols. The jackpot is triggered after completing a single winning spin.


The interesting thing about this game is that the first reel is has a legendary Chinese bird while on reel five the mighty dragon automatically appears. Furthermore, the wins are triggered from left to right and the two creatures disappear from the reels.

The game has a progressive jackpot that can not only be won through real money but it favors Bitcoin lovers as well. This enhances the growth of your opportunity to win the progressive jackpot which is normally not a walk in the park.


Fenghuang is among the many interesting games developed by Habanero Systems. It has a great theme of Birds, Dragons, Asian, Adventure, and Exploration.

This is a great game considering it offers high progressive jackpots and great payout using Bitcoins. The game is quite polished and unique. The only hindering factor is that the Dragon symbol and the phoenix wild game look similar.


Fortune dogs is a Habanero systems pokie that were launched on 23rd May 2018. This game has cracker graphics and comes with 243 betways and 5 x 3 game reels. The game is developed as HTML 5 technology so it is good to go on all devices, you will get a return to player RTP rate of 98%.

It has double symbols that are available for 15 unique wins. Alongside double symbols are free spins and four continuous jackpots. It also has a maximum bet per line of 9000000.

It has high volatility to mention. Its accessible via different portable devices among them being tablets, desktops, and mobile phones. Fortune dogs can be played both for fun entertainment and real money.


Fortune dogs’ main characters are canines as you guessed. The most paying is the Sensei Dog which is followed by the Police Dog. All of the regular symbols are substituted by the wild.

Free Spins are triggered by the Golden Paw while the Prize Pot feature is triggered by Golden Coin Scatter. The fortune dog feature offers up to 15 matching symbols in every single win. Three or more Golden Paw Scatters triggering the free spins can also benefit the gamer.

The minimum amount you can wager for this game is £/€/$0.18 and the maximum is £/€/$900 per spin played. It allows you to win over 10,000 times the maximum amount of money waged.


This Fortune Dogs game has a few features such as Multiplier, Jackpot, and Free Spin.

This game has three color designs brown, gray, and red which bring life to the online game. It has admirable bonuses that are either won on Free Spins or for real money progressive Jackpot. These jackpots give you the opportunity to take home a good amount of money if you get some good luck of course.


This game offers great money-making opportunities other than just having fun. It has mega jackpots that could reward you up to 10000 times your bet. The game has a piece of relative music in the background and admirable designs.


Protection of worlds treasures are daunting tasks hence the use of Four Divine Beasts in the Tiger, Phoenix, Dragon, and Tortoise. These four beasts offer excellent fortunes to people they favor and hold dear.

This game is a 5 reels pokie developed by the Habanero Systems. The game was first released on the 31st of January 2018. It has 243 betways and a 5 x 3 layout reels.

It has a well done Asian- themed background with a sort of wasteland, jangle, and a nature-like touch. The game was mainly inspired by the legendary beasts from the Chinese culture. These beasts subjected the game symbols with their wild related logos of Vermillion Bird, White Tigers, Dragon, and Black turtle.

This game has an advanced technological feature where you can access it through all HTML5, FLASH, and JS technologies. Further, the game has a return to player rate of 98% and can be accessed via Mobile Phone, Desktop, and Tablet.

The variance of this game is relatively high and high wagers of up to 30 coins per bet can be made. This game can be played for real money wins and fun subject to your location though.

The game theme tags are; Chinese Dragons, Phoenix, Tigers, Animals, China, Yin Yang, Turtle, Oriental, Steel, Lightness, Tree, Water, Asian, and Fire. This game is specifically added life by gray, brown, and green colors.


Four Divine Beasts has only one major bonus symbol, the Scatter Symbol. The minimum amount you can wager on is £/€/$0.03 and a fixed multiplier of 0.20 coins thereby making the maximum amount to be £/€/$6000.

For any amount you wager, you stand a chance of earning up to 3000 times the waged amount. This means that you can play on a fixed amount of 6000 on a credit spin and choose the higher bet coin size and wage at 10 coins.


Despite the game lacking a progressive jackpot, it has bonuses that are won upon spinning up the scatters to get your free spins bonus.


This game is easy to play and has ripper bonus features. You are offered an opportunity to re-spin and trigger crazy bonuses. This game is fun and colorful plus its design is really cool.

Ok that’s are list of 6 great oriental themed games to play that use themes of: Dragons, Temples, Luck, China, Fantasy, Myths, Golden figures  and God of Wealth themes. Make sure you take a free spin on these free Asian pokies here.

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