Skyrider 2 Pokies Guide & free slot review guide

The Sky Rider game is created by the Aristocrat. It was built on the basis of the original Sky Rider slot game. The game has amazing game art and animations are presented in a high-definition format. Sky Rider 2  puts the players in control, with the adjustable reel height and the frequent bonuses. Some of those include Amulet Bonus, Dragon Wilds, Free Games, Wheel Bonus, and 5-level SAP jackpots.

  • The player is playing on the Golden Amulet edition. The player began the game with the 250 bet. On the first spin, the player won a Jackpot Bonus and then picked 8 fields, and got three Minis which means he got a Mini Jackpot of 1270 credits. At the bonus re-spins, the player got lucky and earned Dragon Wilds.
  • Let’s get back a bit to the basic spinning. After the second spin, the player got another one of the Jackpot bonuses. At the same Bonus stage where he won the Mini Jackpot last time, he now got a Minor Jackpot which earned him $25.39. The next spin led to another one of the Jackpot Bonuses where the player won, again, a Minor Jackpot.
  • Multiple unlucky spins led to the lucky spin winning him a Wheel Bonus where the player won exactly what he wanted – a Free Game. He had to, by luck, match three numbers which are hidden behind Sky Rider dragon logos. The number matched is the number of free games the player will get. Our player got 9 free games.
  • At the third spin, the player got one row of Dragon Wilds, and after two more spins he got the two Dragon Wilds being right next to each other. He also made it to the Reels, which earned him 2875 coins.
  • Overall, on the Golden Amulet edition of the Sky Rider™, the player won 5080 credit points, which considering his manouvres, was quite an amazing fete.

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